Optoclean Eyelid Cleanser Topical Foam 50ml
OptoFresh EYELID CLEANSER, is a foam with chamomile & euphrasia (eyebright) distillate water, ideal for the hygienic cleansing and relief of irritated eyelids. Eyelids, due to their delicate skin, are vulnerable to a variety of irritants, resulting often in red...
AED. 55.00
Optoclean Towels Sterile Sachets 20'S
Optoclean Ophthalmic Towel Sachets are sterilized towelettes for external hygienic care of the eyes. These are packed as individual sachets, each suitable for single use. The towels have been specially designed to clean and provide hygienic care to eyelids and...
AED. 70.00
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