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Flic Forte Capsules 20s
Flic Forte Capsule is a dietary supplement based on Liposomal iron and Vitamin C. The iron is treated with liposomal technology coated with phospholipids that carry it intact through the gastric environment to be absorbed directly in the intestines, thereby...
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Flic Forte Oral Drops 30ml
Iron pyrophosphate microencapsulated in liposomal form Maximum bioavailabilityNo metallic taste Non-constipating Non-irritating Pediatrician recommended Flic Forte Drops is a dietary supplement based on Liposomal iron. It contributes to normal cognitive function, normal energy metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue. The...
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Flic Forte Sticks 20s
Contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy It plays an important role in the hematopoietic system and contributes to the formation and growth of red blood cells. Non-irritating, no metallic taste, and non-irritating Flic Forte Sticks is a dietary supplement...
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