Omron Eco Temp Basic Thermometer
Exchangeable battery Shows readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit Enables you to review the previous reading taken Rounded tip for increased comfort while taking a measurement
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Braun Thermoscan Covers 40s
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Braun Thermoscan Covers 40s
Braun Thermoscan Covers enable accurate and hygienic temperature taking. It is important to replace the probe cover after each measurement. The disposable probe covers ensure hygienic use without having to clean or disinfect the sensor and virtually eliminate cross-contamination. What's...
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Kinlee Electronic Forehead contactless thermometer
For Babies & Adults Forehead Digital Thermometer Gun Non-contact Thermometer. It gives a sheltered, quick and precise approach to take temperatures without contact. The high-exactness sensor can precisely gauge the internal heat level by precisely recognizing the infrared radiation produced...
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Omron Flex Temp Smart Thermometer
Digital fever thermometer for oral, axillary and rectal use Flexible tip for highest comfort during measurement, especially for children/babies Protective case to highlight the value of the device The thermometer has sound signal on completion The Omron Flex Temp Smart...
AED. 38.00
Omron GT520 Ear Thermometer
Backlight enables discrete and effective temperature measurement even while your child sleeps Three in one measurement system measures your childâ€s temperature, as well as the milk bottle and room temperature The compact design makes it easy to carry
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Pic VedoClear Digital Thermometer
The large display makes it easy to see whether you have a fever or not. There's a memory feature that stores the last reading, and an audible alarm: the thermometer beeps at the end of the reading if the temperature...
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Braun PRT2000 Digital Thermometer
Braun PRT2000 Digital Thermometer A handy digital thermometer– age-adjustable fever guidance that takes the guesswork out of interpreting a child’s temperature.
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Braun Ear Thermometer IRT6525
Braun ThermoScan 7+ ear thermometer - fast, gentle and easy to use. The definition of fever changes with age. The Braun ThermoScan 7+ features the patented Age Precision Technology - an age-adjustable fever guidance that takes age into account to take the guesswork...
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Pic Vedo Family Digital Thermometer
Ergonomic and easy to use thanks to the large button Large, readable screen A closed plastic thermometer case is included Precise measurement Measurement site: under the armpit, in the mouth Beep at the end of the measurement Memory function: display...
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Гибкий наконечник цифрового термометра Bebecom
Цифровые термометры Bebecom с гибким наконечником просты в использовании, не содержат ртути и безопасны для использования дома. Показания температуры могут различаться на разных участках тела. Цифровой термометр Bebecom имеет мягкий и гибкий наконечник. Термометр имеет мягкий и гибкий наконечник, что...
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Pic Vedo Color Digital Thermometer
Thermometer with a rigid probe easy to read display measurements between 60 to 120 seconds pic vedo family digital thermometer is fast, with measurements taking between 60 and 120 seconds. The batteries will last for at least 1000 measurements, and...
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Ezy Care Forehead Thermometer 17118
Safe and convenient forehead strip thermometer Shows temperature in just 15 seconds Unbreakable and re-usable
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Braun Ear Thermometer Irt 6525 + Case
Hard case for extra protection to keep your ThermoScan ear thermometer safe during storage and travel (Braun ear thermometer sold separately) Interior provides space for ear thermometer and a box of 20 disposable probe covers Textile inside with a net...
AED. 299.00
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