Panadol Sinus, 24 Caplets
Panadol Sinus Caplets provide relief from Sinus pain and Congestion. Panadol Sinus caplets can be used for the relief of: Sinus Pain Nasal congestion Headache composition paracetamol = 500 mg pseudoephedrine hydrochloride=30 mg pack 24 tabs how to use panadol...
AED. 13.50
Maxiclear Tablets for Hayfever and Sinus Relief 30s
Для временного облегчения заложенности носа и придаточных пазух, лечит симптомы сенная лихорадка Чихание заложенность носа насморк зудящие глаза слезящиеся глаза Компоненты Фенилэфрина гидрохлорид 10 мг и лоратадин 2,5 мг. Пакет 30 таблеток в упаковке. Как использовать Взрослые и дети старше...
AED. 22.00
Lorinase Syrup 100ml
Lorinase syrup is used for nasal congestion, skin disorders, sneezing, sinus congestion, itchy nose, runny nose, eye irritation, red and itchy skin and other conditions. Lorinase syrup may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.
AED. 23.00
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Hot & Cold Eye Mask - 68491
AED. 43.05 AED. 40.90
Hot & Cold Eye Mask - 68491
Flents hot and cold eye mask able to provide you drug-free relief from headaches and sinus congestion pain. aids in the relief of tension headaches gel allows the mask to conform to each user's unique eye area.
AED. 43.05 AED. 40.90
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