Omron C102 total 2in1 Nebulizer With Nasal Shower
With the OMRON C102 Total 2-in-1 Nebuliser with Nasal Shower, you can efficiently treat and provide relief for different respiratory symptoms and diseases throughout the year. Nasal Shower - cleans the nasal cavity and helps to relieve symptoms of conditions...
AED. 149.00
Omron Nebulizer Accessory Kit Full Set
Многоразовый комплект небулайзера Omron совместим с большинством компрессорных небулайзерных систем. Этот комплект включает угловой мундштук, который позволяет вам расслабиться и расслабиться во время лечения небулайзером. Преимущества: Может использоваться с большинством систем, входит в стандартную комплектацию небулайзерной системы Omron NE-C30. Этот...
AED. 75.00
5% Off
Omron Nami Cat Nebulizer (Ne-C3036-Kde)
A child friendly nebuliser that’s been designed for making it easier to get your child using their nebuliser. When your child has a nasty cough or difficulty breathing, the Nami Cat is a friendly face that can get them breathing...
AED. 249.00 AED. 236.55
Omron Portable Nebulizer U100-E Micro Air
The OMRON MicroAIR U100 is a small, portable nebulizer that helps to efficiently treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough to asthma. The battery-operated MicroAIR U100 is compact, travel-ready, and easy to reach for whenever you need it. The unique...
AED. 800.00
Omron C801 Compressor Nebulizer
The CompAir Compressor Nebulizer System is a small, lightweight, and convenient tabletop nebulizer. Highly efficient nebulization with reduced medication wastage The valves in conventional nebulizers allow exhalation through the mouthpiece Omron nebulizers offer benefits of valve function without silicon valves...
AED. 199.00
Omron C801 CompAir Nebulizer for Kids
Suitable for the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases The toys in the complex are designed to distribute the attention of infants or toddlers
AED. 249.00
5% Off
Braun Pulse Oximeter-1
AED. 163.95 AED. 155.75
Braun Pulse Oximeter-1
A key symptom of respiratory or blood circulatory illnesses is diminished lung function, which may lead to lower blood oxygen levels. This device measures blood oxygen levels. Clinically validated accuracy Measures blood oxygen levels Monitors pulse rate Adjustable display orientation...
AED. 163.95 AED. 155.75
7% Off
Braun Nasal Aspirator Bna100
AED. 163.95 AED. 152.08
Braun Nasal Aspirator Bna100
The Braun Nasal Aspirator helps to clear stuffy noses quickly & gently with two nasal tips and suction levels, making this aspirator suitable for infants and toddlers. - 2 suction levels- 2 nasal tip sizes- Easy to clean dishwasher safe...
AED. 163.95 AED. 152.08
Omron C28p Nebulizer (NE-C105-UK)
The Omron C28P Nebulizer is a high performance compressor designed for inhalation of medicines for lung and respiratory diseases. In addition, the Omron C28P contains a reusable VVT (Virtual Valve Technology) inhalation kit.
AED. 299.00
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