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Prime Gauze Sponge 8 Ply 5cm*5cm
5cm x 5cm Non Sterile Gauze Swabs Ultimate High quality gauze swabs 8ply swabs 100% cotton
AED. 10.50 AED. 9.98
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LR Gazin Gauze dressing 12 layers
Gauze Pads are used for absorbing fluids as well as dressing and protecting wounds. The gauze acts as a barrier to prevent contaminants from entering any wound area that it covers and absorbs any blood or fluid that seeps out...
AED. 3.90 AED. 3.71
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LR gazin gauze dressing 12Ply 5X5cm 20S 13695
Pack 1 piece Of 5X5cm gauze dressing
AED. 2.40 AED. 2.28
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