Bells Hydrogen Peroxide 200ml
Bell's Hydrogen Peroxide For use as a disinfectant. Cleansing wounds Pack of Bell's Hydrogen Peroxide 200 mL
AED. 18.90
Bells Calamine Lotion 200ml
Bell's Calamine Lotion BP For minor skin irritations and sunburn. Cooling effect used to relieve the discomfort of dermatitis Cools the skin by evaporation and is useful for allaying the pain and the swelling of sunburn Protective application in eczema...
AED. 21.89
Sold Out
Bells Glycerin Liquid 30 mL
Bell's Glycerin 30 mL For skincare Suitable for food preparation Pack 30 mL
AED. 15.49
Bells Almond Oil 70ml
Bells Almond Oil With natural nourishing properties, Almond Oil helps to boost the vitality of skin complexion, softens and soothes rough dry skin to help maintain the glow of natural beauty. A rich source of Vitamin E Contains nuts Pack...
AED. 15.49
Bells Glycerin Liquid 100 mL
Bell's Glycerin BP 100 mL For skincare Suitable for food preparation Pack 100 mL
AED. 23.10
Bells Zincast Baby Cream 225g
Bells Zincast Baby Cream has been prepared to assist in the treatment of nappy rash, soreness, tenderness, and irritation of the skin. How to use Apply lightly and gently massage. Pack 225 Grams
AED. 29.61
Bells Olive Oil 70ml
Bell's Olive Oil Use for skin softening and massage Also for culinary use in dressings and salads Pack 70 ml
AED. 16.28
Bells Castor Oil 70ml
Oral Solution to be taken for the occasional relief of constipation.
AED. 16.17
Sold Out
Bell's White Petroleum Jelly
Bell's White Petroleum Jelly may be used for the treatment of chapped and dry skin and is especially beneficial for the prevention of nappy rash. Pack 225grams
AED. 22.58
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