Pampers Pants Size 7, 35s (30299)
ALL AROUND WETNESS PROTECTION FOR DRY AND HEALTHY SKIN: Three absorbing channels distribute wetness evenly and lock it better, using the full diaper from front to back for up to 100% leakage protection and over 12 hours of dryness. ULTRA...
AED. 85.25
Pampers Pants Size 5 - 30155 (12-18Kg)
Pack 48 Diapers
AED. 85.25
Pampers Premium Care Size 3 (6-10Kg)
Pack 62 Diapers
AED. 94.50
Pampers New Born Value Pack Mini
Pack 64 Diaper
AED. 60.50
Huggies Newborn 2 - (Kc643)
Huggies New Born gives your little one our most gentle protection. The new SoftAbsorb™ nappy liner technology absorbs runny poo in secondsallowing you to protect your baby's skin Pack 21 Disposable Diaper
AED. 27.25
Pampers Pure S1 50S Vp (73745)
Plant-based Fibers - Our absorbent topsheet is made with a soft, plant-based material that comes from sustainably sourced sugarcane. Premium Cotton - Our premium cotton is responsibly sourced and grown. Our supplier is a member of the Cotton LEADS program...
AED. 68.25
Pampers Air Baby Dry Size 6 XL (13+ Kg) 36's
New Pampers is the first and only diaper with 3 absorbing channels that absorb wetness 3 times faster, distribute wetness evenly across the entire diaper and lock it away better. For all night dryness and up to 100% leakage protection....
AED. 82.00
Pampers New Born Size 2 Mini (3-8Kg)
Pack 23 Diaper
AED. 23.00
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