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Tonimer Normal Spray 30 ml Adult Nasal Spray

When you suffer from a cold or nasal congestion, it is essential to have products that can relieve the blockage, improving your breathing.

Tonimer normal spray provides you with the ideal solution to achieve this.

Tonimer normal spray is an isotonic solution, formulated with low sodium seawater content, which removes excess mucus from the nostrils.

Repairs nasal dryness leaving the skin smoother and rougher.

It guarantees the well-being of the nostrils, repairs skin damage and visibly improves your breathing.

Does not cause allergic reactions. Get well and breathe easy!


  • Isotonic Sea Water.
  • Preservative Free.


Tonimer Normal Spray comes in 30 ml Spray 

How To Use

Remove The Tonimer Normal Spray Cap And Insert The Mouthpiece Into The Nostrils.

Apply A Few Drops.

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