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Tonimer Balsamic Soft Gel Nasal Gel

Tonimer balsamic soft gel is a hypertonic moisturizing gel with a decongestant action of eucalyptus.

It contains hyaluronic acid and essential oils and reduces the need for use of vasoconstrictors and releases breathing, suitable for cases of rhinitis and for colds.

Protects, soothes and lubricates the nasal mucosa, relieving the burning sensation and dryness.


Contains Hyaluronic Acid And Essential Oils


15 ml

How To Use

Children over 6 years of age: 1 application in each nostril or as directed by the doctor.

Adults: 1-2 applications in each nostril or as directed by your doctor.

Repeat every 3-4 hours and up to 3 times a day

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