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PBSerum Daily Oily Skin Ampoules

PBSerum Daily Oily Skin Ampoule visibly reduces aging signs like facial flaccidity and elasticity loss. It is an effective treatment for mixed, oily and acne-prone skins; consists of 4 doses for application at home. 

PBSerum Daily Oily Skin Ampoule is recommended for oily skin, minor irritations, and acne-prone skin.


  • Eliminates superficial fat
  • Roughness and spots reduction
  • Prevents dermatitis
  • Revitalizing effects

PBSerum Daily Oily Skin Ampoule is 100% biological and skin-friendly

  • Free from preservatives, fragrances, and additives
  • Lyophilized under sterile conditions
  • No irritant effect
  • Not tested on animals


KerA PB333 Smart Peeling by PBSerum: the intelligent enzyme

  • It is the base of all our facial products to optimized the treatment:
  • Acts only where your skin needs it
  • Promoting skin renewal and revitalization
  • Multiplying the effects of the other ingredients by four, so that they can penetrate more easily into the deepest layers of your skin

+ Lipase PB500

  • Removes superficial fat layer and facilitates water-soluble vitamin´s absorption
  • Reduces oily skin and acne

+ Vitamin B Complex

  • Revitalizes the skin avoiding or reducing dermatitis appearance
  • Eliminates minor inflammatory processes
  • Epithelization after skin injury processes


14 Ampoules

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