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Medela Soft Cup Feeder | For Babies with Sucking Issues


He softcup is ideal for the short-term feeding babies with sucking difficulties.

With its soft, spoon-shaped mouthpiece it is an easy and gentle way to feed.

The amount of milk the baby takes can be easily tracked and controlled.

It is an excellent alternative to cup feeding.

The medela softcup comes with an 80 ml container with a curved bottom.


Soft and pliable silicone mouthpiece, contoured to fit even the smallest mouth all parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA free


The softcup comes with an 80 ml container so you can also feed larger amounts.

No waste of the important breastmilk is lost using the softcup and you can save precious time.

How To Use

For a short-term feeding.

It is ideal for babies who are weak, premature, suckling difficulties or nipple confusion alternative to the bottle feeding.

The control valve and self-filling reservoir for more feeding control allows baby to determine its own feeding pace special design prevents spillage of breastmilk

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