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Martiderm Flash Ampoule

Martiderm Flash Ampoule has an immediate effect, banishing signs of stress and fatigue, as well as moisturising and firming all types of skin, with hyaluronic acid and silicon. They have firming plant proteins that reduce roughness, leaving skin immediately smooth and soft, and creating an elastic film on the skin with a resculpting effect.


  • Hyaluronic acid: Moisturises, reduces wrinkles and improves the texture of the skin
  • Silicon: Moisturises, improves skin flexibility and boosts absorption of hyaluronic acid

How to Use

  1. Shake the ampoule lightly.
  2. Support the ampoule on a surface and place the EASY OPEN device on it, pressing gently until you hear a ‘click’.
  3. Remove the EASY OPEN device and the top of the ampoule. Position the dispenser on the ampoule up to the line.
  4. Tip half the content into your hand and apply.
Store the ampoule on the base, placing the lid on the dispenser.


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