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Beconfident Tooth Gloss Mint Peroxide Free

Beconfident tooth gloss mint gives your teeth a polished shine and protects against discoloration and yellowing caused by smoking, coffee, wine, cola or other foods.

Tooth gloss is the last step the perfect total whitening treatment.

your teeth will be clean, fresh and have that "straight from the dentist" feeling.

Beconfident tooth gloss comes in a small, easy to carry jar and it can be used daily or as needed when you want to show your off your best smile.

It belongs in every handbag and should be readily available for that special occasion.

Daily teeth polishing treatment for an instant shine! whitens and protects from stains and yellowing 100% natural and protects enamel


Mint- flavored gel


15 ml pump

how to use

The last step in mouth-care routine, after brushing, flossing, mouthwash.

Put some on your toothbrush and go over the visible front teeth again

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