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Beconfident Teeth Whitening Refill Peroxide Free

How to Use

Beconfident Tutorial - Shaping the Mouth Trays - Teeth Whitening from Group Beconfident Europe on Vimeo.

The beconfident teeth whitening gel refill contains a new and advanced peroxide free gel formula to whiten teeth in just 30 minutes (2 treatments).

The refill kit is perfect if you currently own a set of mouth trays.

Our home teeth whitening products and systems are perfectly suitable for everybody, whether you are purchasing for yourself, as friends or as a couple, there is a whitening kit for everyone.

Beconfident refill contains a new and advanced peroxide free gel formula for an effective, fast-acting whitening process.

This product is to be used with mouth trays which can be purchased with the beconfident whitening kit


Glycerine,sodium bicarbonate,aroma,xylitol,Chondrus crispus powder,Polysorbate 20,sorbitol,sodium fluoride,aloe arborescens leaf juice,Punica granatum extract,chamomilla recutita extract,Linalool,Limonene


10 ml tube

How To Use

Apply directly in the mouthpiece.

Apply a thin string of gel in the mouth, fromedge to edge.

Be sure to distribute the gel so that the entire dental surface is covered with gel.

Then place the mouth of it on it tooth decay to bleach.

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