Multi-Gyn Femiwash 100ml
Multi-Gyn FemiWash, for daily intimate hygiene, is a gentle, soap-free foam for external use. It contains the patent bioactive 2QR Complex, proven to relieve and protect from itching, redness, and other symptoms of vaginal discomforts. It is perfume-free and preservative-free....
AED. 80.00
Fabimilk 2 From 6 to 12 months 400gm
DHA and Alpha-lactalbumin, nucleotides and iron enriched formula with added fiber specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of weaning babies 6 months and older if combination feeding or if baby not being breastfed. Fabimilk 2 is adapted as...
AED. 38.00
Permea Plus Shampoo Anti Hair Loss 200ml
Permea plus shampoo is specially formulated for use in areas using desalinated and chlorinated water. Areas using desalinated water include desert areas and cruise ships, permea plus anti-sal shampoo removes harmful mineral deposits and salts that can lead to dryness,...
AED. 89.25
Fabimilk 1 From 0 to 6 months 400gm
Enriched with DHA and Alpha-lactalbumin, nucleotides and fibers. Fabimilk 1 is a premium infant formula with a unique blend of the very best quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. Fabimilk 1 is a scientifically advanced formula of similar composition to breast...
AED. 38.00
Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test 1 Pc
Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test has been designed to offer you the easiest pregnancy testing experience, with the accuracy you expect from Clearblue – and result as fast as 1 minute*. Its revolutionary design came after extensive research with women and...
AED. 45.00
Allergika Eyelid Cream 15ml
AED. 189.00 AED. 132.30
Allergika Eyelid Cream 15ml
Allergika Eyelid Cream from Allergika Germany is a potent moisturizer for dry, itchy, red, and scaly eyelids. Allergika eyelid cream is clinically proven to repair and strengthen the skin barrier with 10% glycerine, allantoin, bisabolol, vitamin E. Allergika Eyelid Cream...
AED. 189.00 AED. 132.30
Mr Gummy Multivitamins Strawberry Gummies 60s
Mr. Gummy is a multi-vitamin for children strawberry flavor which tastes great! These healthy gummy bears are the best multivitamin for your child's overall health. It contains essential vitamins plus folic acid. A great formula to get healthy. Vegan -...
AED. 72.45 AED. 50.72
Maximum Female Multivitamins Tablets 90s
Maximum female is a complete vitamin and mineral formula for optimal health. Designed for the specific needs of a woman, maximum female combines nature's finest ingredients all into one simple formula. For additional formula information, view the supplement facts panel....
AED. 105.00 AED. 73.50
Zecuf Cough Syrup 100ml
Zecuf is one of the best cough syrup in the UAE for kids and adults. It is a pure herbal cough syrup that is soothing and cooling. Zecuf cough syrup is useful in all types of cough "wet and dry"....
AED. 26.00
Panadol Cold & Flu All In One, 24 Tablets
Panadol Cold & Flu All in one tablet provides relives from cold + flu symptoms including chesty cough. Panadol Cold & flu All in one tablet can be used for the relief of: Chesty cough Nasal Congestion Sore throat Headache...
AED. 14.50
Permea Plus Hair Skin Nails Tablets 30s
Permea Plus is a premium multivitamin that contains pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Permea Plus contains 26 vitally important minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that nourish the living cells for amazing-looking, healthy hair, skin, and nails. Permea Plus is your daily multivitamin and...
AED. 125.00
Gelobronchial Herbal Cough Syrup 200ml
Gelobronchial syrup is a cough medicine in the UAE that offers you the power of thyme which proved its worth over generations. It is one of the best cough syrup in UAE as the highest concentrated liquid extract of thyme...
AED. 38.00
Pediacol Drops 50ml for Newborn Colic
Pediacol drops is used to relieve symptoms of extra gas caused by air swallowing or certain foods/infant formulas. Simethicone helps break up gas bubbles in the gut. Components of Pediacol Pediacol drops contain simethicone as an active ingredient. Pediacol Pack...
AED. 35.50
Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator 1 Piece
The Cearblue pregnancy test with weeks indicator is the first and only test that is as accurate as an ultrasound scan at dating pregnancy. Its smart dual sensor not only tells you in words on the digital display if you're...
AED. 75.00
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water 500ml
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water is the 1st and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with the skin: Its fatty acid esters, the constituent elements of micelles, are similar to the phospholipids of the skin cell membranes and naturally help...
AED. 110.25 AED. 77.18
Gelorevoice Throat Lozenges 20s
Gelorevoice throat lozenges are delicious mild cherry and menthol-flavored lozenges that provide effective protection of the mouth and throat lining which can be irritated by many factors, including Voice overuse Impaired nasal breathing (e.g. Due to colds) Dry air caused...
AED. 38.00
Panadol Night 24 Tablets
Panadol Night contains two active ingredients, Paracetamol which is an analgesic (a pain reliever which relieves aches) and antipyretic (reduces body temperature when you have a fever) and Diphenhydramine hydrochloride, an antihistamine with additional sedative properties. Panadol Night provides nighttime...
AED. 16.50
Fabimilk 3 from 1 to 3 years 400gm
Fabimilk 3 Baby Formula is enriched with DHA & AA, alpha-lactalbumin, iron, vitamins and minerals, with added fibre. It is a full nutritional system that supports the physical and mental development of your baby thanks to the fact that it...
AED. 38.00
Maxigesic Tablets Pain Killer 32s
Maxigesic provides double-action pain relief is proven in dental studies to reduce pain levels by at least 32% more than either paracetamol or ibuprofen alone. Maxigesic reduces fever and provides temporary relief of pain associated with a headache, migraine headache,...
AED. 25.50
Panadol Vapour Release Sachets 10s
Panadol Vapour Release Sachets is recommended for relief of common cold symptoms including headache, sore throat, nasal congestion and sinusitis, and their associated body pain, aches, and fever.Its also recommended for relief of sinusitis symptoms such as sinus headache, pain,...
AED. 20.50
Carbocal D 400 Tablets Calcium and Vitamin D
You may have calcium deficiency if you feel one or more of the next symptoms: Muscle pain, cramps, and spasms extreme fatigue and lack of energy The skin may become dry and itchy Teeth ache and gum problems Painful premenstrual...
AED. 63.00 AED. 44.10
Windmill Vitamin C 1500mg Sustained Release Tablets 60s
The sustained release vit. C 1500 mg formula provides you with 1500 mg of vitamin c with 150 mg of rose hips per tablet over a prolonged period of time. Vitamin c is essential to many functions in the body...
AED. 105.00 AED. 73.50
Betadine Vaginal Pessaries 14s
Betadine vaginal pessaries can effectively relieve itching, odor, discharge, and discomfort of your special area caused by germs such as bacteria, fungi, virus, and protozoa. It is worked by the prolonged release of PVP-i, which gradual release free iodine in...
AED. 60.00
Windmill B Complex With Vitamin C & Iron 100s
The b complex with vitamin c and iron works by providing vitamins, minerals, and iron to the body. It promotes energy metabolism. Components Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid And From Rose Hips) 150 mg Vitamin B2 (As Riboflavin) 5 mg...
AED. 99.75 AED. 69.83
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