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Fabimilk 2 | From 6 to 12 months

DHA and Alpha-lactalbumin, nucleotides and iron enriched formula with added fibre specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of weaning babies 6 months and older if combination feeding or if baby not being breastfed.

Fabimilk 2 is adapted as follow-on milk to avoid over feeding and allows for a safe and well tolerated switch over and minimal disturbance to the baby.

Fabimilk 2 is a closely controlled, scientifically advanced product.

It is an adapted formula of similar composition to breast milk and is designed to nourish healthy babies who have no special nutritional requirements.

Fabimilk 2 provides sufficient calories, proteins, vitamins, fibers and minerals for the healthy physical development of the baby.



Vitamins and minerals. Fabimilk nutrition 2 is strengthened with all vitamins and minerals needed for the development of 6-12-month-old babies.

Vitamins D, E, and C ensure bone mineralization, eye, and brain development and antioxidant protection.

Protein fabimilk 2’s protein content, like that of mother’s milk, ensures rapid gastric emptying, stimulates digestion and the intake of essential amino acids.

Iron and nucleotides and alpha-lactalbumin


400 gm milk powder

how to use

suitable for: 6-12-month-old babies

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