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Vsense Intimate Gel Vaginal Care Lubricant

V sense is a patented gel formulation derived from natural herbs.

Its active ingredient is visnadine, a natural ingredient that helps to increase blood supply rate, improving sensitivity for a faster reach in sexual arousal.

Clinical tests have demonstrated v sense 's benefits in producing an adequate degree of lubrication as well as clitoral swelling, resulting in a pleasant feeling of warmth and total well-being.

With a ph level of 6.0, V sense is safe to use,well-tolerated and does not leave any traces on garments.

It has also been extensively tested for safety and effectiveness.


Visnadine Plectranthus Barbatus Root Extract Panicum Miliaceum Extract Ethyl Ximenynate


30 gm

How To use Vsense Intimate Gel

Wash your hands prior to application.

Apply a small amount to the clitoris and outer labia,5 to 10 minutes before intercourse.

Massage gently to promote the absorption of the gel.

V sense works for women with a wide range of conditions, including those who are pre and postmenopausal, taking birth control or anti-depressants, as well as other medications such as those used to control blood pressure.

4 weeks of daily application for the best results.

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