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Gelomyrtol Forte Capsules Mucolytic & Sinusitis Symptoms

Gelomyrtol Forte is clinically proven to liquefy the mucus and promotes the evacuation of secretions.

Gelomyrtol Forte is the mucolytic clinically proven to clear the respiratory tract. 

Gelomyrtol Forte reduces the need for antibiotic therapy. it relieves the sinus congestion, pressure, pain, and headache caused by sinusitis. 

Gelomyrtol Forte reduces daytime, night-time cough due to bronchitis.


Each one enteric-coated soft gelatine capsule Gelomyrtol Forte contains:

  • Myrtol standardized [distillate of a mixture of essential oils of eucalyptus, sweet orange, myrtle and lemon (66:32:1:1)]...300 mg  
  • Nonmedicinal ingredients: rapeseed oil (refined) 
  • Gelatine, glycerine, sorbitol, hydrochloric acid
  • Hypromellose acetate succinate and citric acid 


20 Enteric-coated soft-gelatine capsules 

How to Use

Adults: Take 1 capsule of Gelomyrtol Forte 3 times a day 30 mins before food.

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