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Vicks Portable Waterless Diffuser With 2 Pads
The portable waterless diffuser gently heats the scented VapoPad, activating the soothing vapours and releasing them into the air for an easy breathing sensation. Also suitable during cough & Cold season. Silent - perfect for quiet, working or sleeping, environments....
AED. 76.95 AED. 62.10
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Vicks Sweet Dreams Humidifier (VUL575E1)
Vicks Sweet Dreams Humidifier VUL575E1 is filter-free and great for kids' bedrooms, adding moisture to the air to help your child sleep easily, while calm Starry Night, Safari, or Sea images light up the ceiling with a comforting glow. Features:...
AED. 295.50 AED. 280.73
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