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Tempo Cool Fever Gel Cooling Sheet
tempo Cool Fever Gel Cooling Sheet is a water-based gel sheet that contains water and polymer, it is a non-pharmaceutical product designed for temporary fever relief. The sheet contains a high percentage of water which works with the bodies natural...
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Pigeon Fever Cool Plaster 6 pieces - 5090
When your little baby has a sudden temperature, Pigeon Fever Cool Plaster helps you to lower the temperature of your baby. These strips cool down the fever. They are very convenient and easy to use. All you need to do...
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3M Nexcare Cold Hot Traditional
With no need to fill with water, it is a gel containing a warm bottle for natural pain relief as a heating aid or for heating purposes. Velvet touch soft to the skin. Reusable (no hot water needed). Use for...
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3M Nexcare Cold Hot Mini Pack Reusable 1 Pc
For fast pain relief at home Cold for pain and swelling, heat for muscle aches and stiffness Includes a protective cover to secure the pack in place Cold for pain and swelling caused by bumps, bruises, and sprains A stretchy...
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3M Nexcare Cold Hot Classic
3M Nexcare is a Cold/hot gel compress for natural pain relief.Choose cool and soothing or comforting heat.No need for dripping ice bags and leaky hot water bottles.Treat pain locally without the use of analgesics.Warm in the microwave or with hot...
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3M Nexcare Cold Hot Maxi
3M Nexcare Cold Hot Maxi is a large reusable cold/hot compress for natural pain relief.Nontoxic gel, safe for the whole family.Cold for swelling, inflammation, and pain; heat for muscle aches and stiffness.Ideal for soothing large pain areas such as back,...
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Hot & Cold Eye Mask - 68491
Flents hot and cold eye mask able to provide you drug-free relief from headaches and sinus congestion pain. aids in the relief of tension headaches gel allows the mask to conform to each user's unique eye area.
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3M Nexcare Cold Hot Reusable Classic N1570G
Nexcare Cold hot Classic gel compress can be used cold or hot and is an excellent solution for those who prefer natural, drug-free therapy. You can store the pack in the refrigerator or freezer so it is always ready to...
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Flents Cold Care Kit
Flents Cold Care Kit
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3M Nexcare Cold Hot Teddy
Nexcare™ ColdHot™ Warm Bottle Teddy is a teddy-shaped gel warm bottle- a fun way for natural pain relief or for heating purposes.Velvet touch soft to the skin.A little bear to fit with the children's world.Use for kids 3 years over...
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Flents Hot & Cold Gel Pack
Flents Hot & Cold Gel Pack is a convenient and effective cold therapy pack that soothes aches and pains and reduces swelling. Reusable - non-toxic gel
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