Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion Serum 30ml Dispenser
Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion gel serum ensures a smooth, refined and mattified complexion. The exclusive active ingredient complex 'Vitamin B Episomes' intensively moisturizes the skin and supports its regeneration. Additional Vitamin C gives the skin even more freshness and energy....
AED. 531.07
Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion Eye Gel 20ml
Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion Eye reduces signs of tiredness and leaves the delicate skin around the eyes looking radiant. 'Depot Retinol', Vitamin A in its most active form, visibly smoothes the eye area. Taurine from red algae Jania rubens reduces...
AED. 419.27
Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion Gel 50ml Jar
Renew the natural elasticity of the skin The youth is subordinate from the extraction of the hout algae enriches the skin with valuable lipids and gives a rich skin feeling. Skin type Normal, Combined, and Oily. How to use Use...
AED. 531.07
Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion Cream 50ml Jar
Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion Cream smoothes and strengthens the skin with innovative high-tech vitamins. The 'ABC Beauty Complex' improves the absorption of the beauty vitamins A, B and C into the skin and thus increases their potential effectiveness. Vitamin Infusion...
AED. 559.02
Dr. Grandel Vitamin Infusion Face Mask 75ml
The encapsulated form of 'Vitamin C Microcaps' in the Vitamin Infusion Mask smoothes the skin and enables the Vitamin C to take full effect. The 'Defense Balancer' has a soothing and harmonizing effect. Vitamin Infusion helps the skin to look...
AED. 419.27
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