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Hermes Cevitt Immune Direct Hermes Vitamin C for Cold


Cevitt is a vitamin c and zinc which are the two main pillars when it comes to effective defenses. 

Using Hermes Vitamin C "Cevitt immune direct" has a proven defense duo in a particularly practical dosage form: as micro-pellets, individually packaged in sachets (sticks). 

In addition to the proven defense formula of zinc and vitamin c, Cevitt immune direct contains valuable citrus flavonoids, which serve as a helper of vitamin c, as well as histidine, which has a variety of positive properties.

Hermes Vitamin C Benefits:

  • Boosting immunity
  • easy to use
  • once daily


Cevitt immune direct 1 sachet contains: 

  • 300 mg of vitamin C
  • 10 mg of zinc
  • 5 mg of citrus flavonoids
  • 50 mg histidine 


20 Sachets 

How To Use

1 stick Cevitt immune direct per day to support the normal functioning of the immune system

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