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Gelobronchial Syrup Cough Syrup for Kids and Adults

About Gelobronchial

The most common cause of a cough is when you catch a cold, where viruses and bacteria attack the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract. 

As a result, the mucosa becomes irritated and produce thick, persistent mucus. 

Our body naturally responds with a coughing reflex to try to get rid of this mucus.

Coughing is therefore useful but can be painful and nagging over a period of time.

This is where Gelobronchial syrup offers you the power of thyme which proved its worth over generations.

It is one of the best cough syrup in UAE as the highly concentrated liquid extract of thyme in Gelobronchial syrup is a strong antispasmodic and eases expectoration.

Tenacious mucus is quickly freed and the additional antibacterial (bacteriostatic) effect counteracts typical complications. 

Pick one of the best cough syrup in UAE for both Kids and adults.

Components of Gelobronchial

Gelobronchial syrup in UAE is a liquid extract of thyme.

Pack of Gelobronchial 

Gelobronchial Syrup in UAE comes in 200 ml syrup bottle

How To Use Gelobronchial

Gelobronchial syrup dosage for kids and adults:

  • 2-4 years old = 5 ml / 3 times daily
  • 4-12 years old = 7.5 ml / 3 times daily
  • 12 and above =15 ml / 3 times daily

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