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LR Velpeau

Velpeau Dorsafit 26 Lumbar Support Belt

Lumbar support belt, 26 cm.


In acute or chronic non-specific lumbar spine pain syndrome caused by abnormal biomechanical stress and overloading the muscles and ligaments in the lumbar spine and sacrum area

In acute or chronic specific lumbar spine pain syndrome with osteochondrosis in the lumbar spine area, spondylarthrosis inthe lumbar spine area (Facet syndrome), spondylosis deformans


Velpeau® Dorsafit Comfort is a thin, lightweight orthosisfor stabilization of the lumbar spine.

Four integrated stays contribute to the stabilization of the lumbar spine,
with a compression effect due to elastic materials (> 350 cN / cm*).

The closure system (handgrip and hook-and-loop fastener) is easy to use,
the ergonomic hand grip facilitates the application of the orthosis.

Soft and comfortable materials, designed to provide good wearing

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