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Ascensia Contour Microlet Coloured Lancet 25s
Uses a special silicone coating for safe, comfortable testing Sterile lancets are intended for use with microlet and glucose automatic lancing devices For simple and smooth blood glucose testing
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ASCENSIA Contour Next Glucometer OFFER (2 lancets + 1 Strips 50s)
Pack 1 Bayer Contour Next Meter 2 Lancets 1 Strips box 50s
AED. 189.00
Ascensia Contour Next Strip 50s
Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips offer a simple solution for your testing needs with No Coding technology, proven accuracy, fast test time, and small blood sample. Second-Chance Sampling allows you to apply more blood which may help to...
AED. 105.00
ASCENSIA Contour Strip 50s
The Ascensia Contour Glucose Test Strips Box of 50's allow the tester to simply “plug” it into the meter while the sip-in action accepts the tiny blood sample into the strip. These strips allow for reliable results because the various...
AED. 90.00
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