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Allergika Hydrolotio Sensitive Body Lotion 200ml
Allergika hydrolotio sensitive is relieving acute care for dry, itching, and inflammation prone skin. Eczema Psoriasis Urticarial Polidocanol (2%) effectively relieves the itching sensation Glycerin (10%) provides the skin with intense moisture and prevents inflammation. Also, cools and soothes the...
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Allergika Eyelid Cream MED 15ml
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Allergika Eyelid Cream MED 15ml
Allergika Eyelid Cream from Allergika Germany is a potent moisturizer for dry, itchy, red, and scaly eyelids. Allergika eyelid cream is clinically proven to repair and strengthen the skin barrier with 10% glycerine, allantoin, bisabolol, vitamin E. Allergika Eyelid Cream...
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Dr Grandel Timeless Retinol Balm 50ml
Dr Grandel Timeless Retinol Balm help to those who wants evenly smooth and youthful complexion. The light-stable Vitamin A formulation helps integrate retinol assistant into the skin. The special focus is to reduce lines and wrinkles noticeably and visibly. Benefits...
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Dr Grandel Timeless Revitalizing Cream 50ml
Dr Grandel revitalizing cream is an innovative anti-aging revitalizing cream based on plant extracts. It stimulates the skin to an appearance of added firmness and youthfulness, improves its elasticity and gives the complexion a velvety touch. Components Beech Bud Extract,...
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Pupa Purifying Smoothing Face Mask Pink Clay 30ml
A purifying and smoothing clay face mask. The powerful purifying and rebalancing properties of the Pink Clay help to naturally remove impurities from the skin surface for a smooth and velvety effect. To be applied twice a week to complete...
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